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Sponsorship Registration

*** All sponsorships are based upon a 10-12 jam basis. After each 10-12 jam series, your brand will be eligible to either renew or cancel their sponsorship. ***


The Jam Package;

This option is for sponsors that are interested in supporting individual jam stops along my route. 

I will send you the list of the 10-12 jams and allow you to pick which ones work best for your brand. If you aren't picky about the jams, you may give me a set number and I will place your sponsorship(s) with the jams that need your support the most.

In exchange for your support in this regard, I will promote your brand’s logo on the flyers of those jams, as well as in any possible highlights video from those jams.


The Tour Package;

This option is for brands that are interested in supporting the entire series of events, 10 or 12 jams at a time. 

With this package, you are agreeing to support all 10 to 12 jams in a row. 

In exchange for your support, I will promote your brand on both the individual jam flyers and videos, as well as the main tour flyer. 

I would also be willing to represent your guys’ logo on the tour bus, if you have a large decal that you would like for me to use.

The Contest Sub-Package;

This package can apply to either the Jam Package or the Tour Package along with their benefits.

This sub-package is for companies interested in supporting the tour / jams with cash prizes.

In exchange for your support I will give that brand their own dedicated contest at said jam(s). (Example; X Bike Co.’s Best Trick @ Capital Jam Miami / $150 cash prize)

The only restriction being that you CANNOT book all 10 of the same contest at each jam, in order to make it fair for other sponsors that are also interested in this package.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding sponsorships, please contact us directly at

Once you have filled out and submitted your form below, we will review it and reach out to you ASAP regarding any additional details and prizes!

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