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Want to host a BMX Jam, but aren't sure how?




Just let us do it for you!
Starting at $119, we will literally organize your BMX Jam or Contest for you, all while teaching you how to do it on your own.
BMX Jams are a great opportunity for riders to get together & have fun, as well as receive recognition for their progression or skill level. Jams have also proven to be a great way to raise money for local community purposes, such as skatepark repairs & funding. Not to mention, they make for absolutely amazing Birthday Parties!
If you are interested in having us host a BMX Jam or Contest for you, please check with our price estimates below and then inquire at!

Bronze Pass ($119)

- We plan the event based on your preferences for location & type of event. 

- We create a Flyer & Facebook event page for the event. We will advertise them weekly until the day of the event to attract as many riders as possible from surrounding areas.

- We accumulate sponsors to send prizes for the event.

- We send you your own customized video after the event to teach you how to take over organizing your events!


Silver Pass ($119 + Travel Fees*)

- Bronze Pass perks!

- We travel to the event & host it for you. This includes announcements, organizing contests/games, product tosses, etc.

- We will show you the ways of hosting BMX events, so you can continue to do cool things for your community!


Gold Pass ($229 + Travel Fees*)

- Bronze & Silver Pass perks!

- We film the event & make a highlights video with the footage. We will then try our best to get the video shared on the big BMX media sites (Check out our Capital-Lou-Jam highlights video on RideBMX.)

- We will supply 5 plaques or trophies for the winners of the contests/games that day. You are welcome to give us your input for the design of the awards.

- We will host a Raffle & give you 80% of the proceeds (you will be responsible for supplying/purchasing the Raffle item, though it is very possible that we can help.)

- We will host an After-Party at your choice of venue. You are responsible for acquiring the venue (bar, back yard, camp site, etc.) and music.

Platinum Pass ($389 + Travel Fees)

- Bronze, Silver, & Gold perks!

- Pizza Party!

- We will donate 30% of our merchandise sales from that day (including online sales!) to the Benefit of your choice.

If you have any questions or special requests regarding pricing/services, just ask! We are more than willing to work with you to make sure that it is a great time.


It will also be up to you to supply the venue for the Contest/Jam, since we likely are not familiar with your area. 



Street Jam: 

We will ask you to create a map of the spots in the order that we will ride them, starting with a good meet-up spot.


Skatepark Jam/Contest: 

Privately-owned Skatepark - We would prefer to do such an event at a privately-owned Skatepark (i.e. owned by a business/person & likely charges an entry fee) to avoid legal precautions. 

We will contact the Privately-owned Skatepark & arrange to have the event hosted there.

Public Skatepark - It can be incredibly tricky to host an event at a public park, so we would ask that you contact the city that the skatepark is in & get approval for us to use the park for the event.

It is common for cities to request a number of things (paperwork, vending permit, insurance, etc.) before allowing such events, all of which you will be responsible for doing/getting in the case of a Jam/Contest at a Public Skatepark.

*Travel Fees - We are located in St. Louis, MO & will be traveling to you in our van so that we can bring all of the necessary equipment to host & film a BMX Jam. Due to gas prices & varying distances, we charge Travel Fees on a case by case basis. If you are interested in a quote, please email us at

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