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Capital BMX "Brick" Heavy-Duty Guard Sprocket

Capital BMX "Brick" Heavy-Duty Guard Sprocket


The long awaited Brick Guard Sprocket from Capital!

CNC Machined right here in St. Louis (USA) from 3/4" thick 7075-T6 Aluminum Alloy. Featuring an engraved brick pattern and a brass eye badge for a unique and fashionable appearance.

Designed by riders, for riders, and with the intentions of withstanding even the gnarliest of grinds, bashes, and smashes!

With it being a whopping 11mm thick in the center of the sprocket - this not only allows us to offer a thicker, more durable bash guard than ever before, but it also allows for more chain AND crank clearance than most other guarded sprockets. All of which makes for a Sprocket that does NOT want to bend or warp under load.


Bolt Drive Only!

Sizes: 25T, 28T, 30T

Teeth: 1/8"

Spindle hole diameter: 15/16" (or "24mm")

NOTE: Spindle Adapter not included in the price of the Sprocket! But these sprockets will work with any regular 15/16" (or "24mm") Sprocket adapters. We are working towards having some of our own made later this year..



Most modernized "street frames" may not have enough clearance to fit a 30T Sprocket without it rubbing the frame.

Also, we do NOT recommend running an excessive amount of spacers behind our Sprocket to "make it fit."

Being that it is already 11mm thick, you will want to run this Sprocket as close to the frame as possible to ensure ample amounts of spindle contact inside of your crank arm.

30T compatibility will vary per frame and crank combinations, so please verify that our 30T Sprocket will work for you before ordering one!! ***